[What We Do on An Executive Level]

  1. Virtual Event & Live Streaming Services: Ask us how we can take your event to the next level in virtual environment. Virtual events, such as Galas, Awards Shows, Conventions, or Seminars brought to the next level. Live bands or prerecorded bands, special video presentations from various presenters, etc. Together we can execute your event with excellence, style, and class. It can be streamed to any platform (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, private web page, etc.)

  2. Production for Live Events: We are a full-service production company that provides “world-class” Audio, Video, Lighting, and Set Design for events. These events may include, but not limited to Concerts, Festivals, Conventions, Conferences, Seminars, Award Shows, Galas, Stage Plays, and Sporting Events. When it’s time for your next event to “LEVEL UP,” it’s time for East Coast Audio Visual, LLC.

  3. Event Management: Do you need help putting your event together? Negotiating contracts with the venue or special guest? If so, ask how we can help you negotiate these items, as well as determine event logistics, run of show, and other items as it relates to your event.

  4. Branding Commercials for Social Media: Do you need help putting together a commercial spot for social media or a training video for internal use? Let’s have a discussion on how we can produce your video from cradle to grave. In pre-production we can assist with content development, directing the talent while in front of the camera, helping to identify proper setting. Once everything has been captured, we will work hard in post-production to deliver an award worthy product.

  5. Live Taping: Do you have an event that will be aired on television live or at a later date? East Coast Audio Visual can perform a broadcast quality capture for you that will meet the broadcast standards as prescribed by Netflix. Let us help you with your set design, video and audio capture, and post production. If your needs do not require that high of a level, we can meet you at whatever point you need to match your specific requirements.

  6. Procurement Services: We value the relationship we have with our clients. As a result, we reach out of our service window by partnering with other companies that provide additional services you may require for your event, pre or post at no additional cost to you.

[What We Do on A Tactical Level]

  1. Project Management: Even the most well-planned events can sometimes take on a life of their own mistakes and mishaps can occur. This is why at East Coast Audio Visual, we provide experienced project managers for our medium and large events. Our project managers are there each step of the way, anticipating what could go wrong, and ensuring there is a plan if things go awry.

  2. Producer: Our producers have the distinct privilege of understanding your program and show flow. They help you think through your flow to ensure everything runs as desired. They keep all of the special guests, host, award recipients, departments (audio, lighting, video, and stage, etc) on point throughout the entire event.

  3. Audio: East Coast Audio Visual will provide your event with state of the art live sound reinforcement. Whether you require lavaliere, headset, hand-held microphones, or otherwise, we got you covered.

  4. Video: Video is a powerful tool for communicating your visual aids. East Coast Audio Visual has state of the art LED Walls and projectors that can meet a wide variety of demands. In addition, our video services provide HD broadcast cameras, iMag (live video feed of stage to the screens), video recording, and much more.

  5. Lighting: Lighting goes a long way in making your podium or stage stand out. Regardless of whether you require conventional lighting, moving lights, or LED lights, we have you covered. Be it sales kickoff, corporate industry conference, or high energy concert, we got you covered.

  6. Staging & Scenic: When the audio is crystal clear, the video is vibrant & sharp, and the lighting is dynamic & brilliant, your scenic design set needs to make a statement. The proper stage and scenic set brands your event and delineates you from the next event your audience attends. Let East Coast Audio Visual provide a scenic design that will make your event memorable.