Core Values

  1. The Wow
    Most AV engineers know that if a client doesn’t say anything about you during the event, usually means that you did a good job. If you’re good and they don’t notice you is not our goal. Our goal is to mesmerize you to point that you have to comment. We pursue the Wow! We believe in excellence, which means we seek to improve upon our best. We strive for perfection. When perfection is achieved, we demand better. We want the sound to be perfect. We want the video and lighting to be on point and spectacular. We strive for our client’s experience from cradle to grave to be as stress free and simple as possible.

  2. Innovation
    Conventional is good when you want to keep things status quo. We strive to take things to the next level. We strive to identify the desired and “wish list” of outcomes, and then create ways to fulfill them. We create sought after solutions for stage sets, breakout spaces that protect your presenters’ proprietary work, redundancy that greatly reduces the chance of equipment failure during your event, and so many things that make your event simple. Innovation at the right time in the right places makes things appear simple. Simplicity is good.

  3. We Value Integrity
    We strive to deal honorably. We operate in integrity and transparency as it relates to our billing, contracts, and other business dealings. We purposefully strive to put our clients in the best position possible. We do not price gauge our clients on the day of their event, just because they have experienced changes in their program. We believe in accountability and we hold ourselves accountable to what we commit to prior to your event. We strive to earn and maintain our client’s trust and respect.

  4. We Value Servant Leadership
    Excellent audiovisual production does not just happen, it requires leadership. ECAV takes great pride and pleasure in providing leadership to our clients in the area of production. We realize each client is unique and requires listening to understand, and understanding which leads to proper planning. Proper planning and execution lead to success. We do not just measure success on properly executed technicalities, but did we achieve your vision? Did we serve your vision? ECAV’s goal is to serve you, your team, and your vision for your event. Being a servant to our clients is not just a philosophy, it’s who we strive to be. We put the needs of our clients before our own; which means sometimes our time may be inconvenienced in effort to ensure our clients’ needs are met first. Which means our mindset is not nickel and dime our clients just to make an extra dollar, but rather to become like a concierge and make sure what needs to happen happens.